This is the official video from Australian band COG and a song called “Are you Interested?”

What I find most ‘interesting’ is the fact that music has always been a way of expression to the masses to rouse a new generation to the poignant aspects of modern culture.

When questioning technological progress, we must remember that ‘what can warm us, can also burn us.’

As we stand on the final frontier of human tracking – tracking that is being linked to biological information to root out the ill’s from society – it is just and right to question what safeguards are being put in place to guarantee our future away from tyranny.

An interesting ‘unofficial’ mix taken from Zeitgeist, Loose change, V for Vendetta, 1984 and the Chum-scrubber drives the point home further. Before you dismiss this as some kind of futuristic pessimism, I challenge to look only as far back as your grand-parents past…

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