Well in a bizarre twist of events, a company that started life as a glorified burger van wants to go head-to-head with a national telcoms company: 

McDonald’s hosts UK’s largest free wi-fi network

Am sure the enablement of wireless payment and RFID burger boxes is just around the corner, to trigger a whole host of re-targeted McDonald’s ads offering me all sorts of discounts and offers, that shall repeat on me in the the same nauseating way as their burgers do. 

You can see the appeal to students wanting to soak up the previous nights binge with a cheap stodge breakfast, whilst checking their mail. May even bring a whole host of new interactive toys and widgets to go with your kids Happy Meal. Perhaps this will be a spawning ground to all sorts of bells and whsitles, whilst tomato-sauce covered fingers are all over touch screens telling them about the rainforests?

Not quite sure how any perspective clients would respond to a suggestion of a working lunch accompanied by a McFlurry, even if McD’s have upgraded their seats and subdued the red livery to a dark green. It’s a brave step and a commendable challenge to both their established brand and an established institution. Only time will tell if my colleague today indeed summed it up – ‘you just can’t polish a turd…’