So what happens when we hand over all control of our data to governments? They ‘carelessly’ mislay the data in the post…

UK’s families put on fraud alert
Personal details of every child in UK lost by Revenue & Customs

For a country that is trying to race in a national identity system by getting us to fear our own shadows, or at least our neighbours, the fact that any kind of mishap of such seismic proportions as this demands more than a resignation of chairman of HM Revenue and Customs.

For putting every child in the UK at risk, and half of all families concerned now having their bank details placed on the open market, it screams for every citizen in this country to demand the whole façade and lie associated with a national identity system stopped and scrapped with immediate effect.

It demands those who continue the ‘lie of protection’, to be hauled up in front of the masses to give a live televised account and to prove beyond any reasonable doubt, with any shred of evidence they can muster, that any such Orwellian master plan would protect and not hinder the safety of the UK public. Anyone found waning in evidence should fall on their knees and beg the mercy of God for what they have done to our people. We should not stand back – the time to act is now. We have already been duped for far too long.

Gordon Brown has not only spent our pensions, but now jeopardised half the UK population –25 million people! Who exactly is left in this country for him to screw? It’s his personal responsibility and he be forced to stand down on the back of this.

‘Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’ – and any power found corrupting the confidence of the public should be absolutely abolished!