With some key research being released into the industry’s hands heralding my own proclamation of the imminent death of the click, it’s time to take a very honest look at digital advertising and pose some timely questions.

  1. Online advertising is becoming increasingly dependent upon rich media, and agencies agree – it will soon be the norm – but what are the barriers for adoption from brand and direct response advertisers alike?
  2. With agencies often relying on ten-year old standard ad serving architecture, can acquisition truly be the way for future-proofing digital advertising?

In a presentation at the iMedia UK summit, March 2008, I unpack what is being done to really address these issues head-on by Eyeblaster and then roll-up my sleeves and get ‘under the bonnet’ of one campaign, to demonstrate the effectiveness of analysis and what it really means for creative and media agencies alike.

I see therefore I click? Where creative meets analytics

Recent advancements in campaign management technology empowers agencies to monitor & optimise campaigns on the fly. A thought provoking look at where creative meets analytics and how marketers can utilise innovation in technology to make digital communication more useful, more compelling and ultimately drive business results.

http://demo.eyeblaster.com/Europe/Dean/imedia_UK_final.zip (11MB)