1-Click Award As I am thinking of my presentation to marketing directors in Tokyo tomorrow I was trying to recall one of my favourite all-time online creative’s. I have just managed to find it hidden away on Recruit 1-Click. I remember sitting there wasting time playing with this a couple of years back – and I have to admit it’s still as catchy as ever. Sheer simplicity at is best, go have a look and I guarantee you too will be pleasantly amused.

After all what do we expect from a nation who redefined our late night TV viewing with “Za Gaman – The Endurance” (?????) and those crazy antics?! Apparently it made the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Extreme Game Show”.

1-Click Othello And if you want to see what Recruit are up to now, well seems as they run an awards for online creativity in the region – check out this year’s curious animation sequence, then go play the interactive Othello game. Just genius – and another great online time waster!

Just as long as I don’t need to be buried up to my neck in locust’s and then have reptiles licking my face – I mean who would have thought reality TV in UK today would become a rip-off of what we once thought were Japanese insanities… yep you guessed it, “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Now THAT’s insane!

Anyway, I’m off to eat some raw fish…