The IAB online marketing guideThe IAB have just published a complete overview guide to online advertising. I was pleased to be the contributory writer on the section on “measurement”, (stage 10 – page 64 onwards).

I am convinced the ‘click’ skews results and is the antithesis of true measurement of advertising effectiveness. Brand awareness cannot be measured by a response metric, which is in essence what a ‘click’ is – and let’s face it, most display advertising is inherently aimed at building brand. No one has a definitive answer; we are all striving to perfect our art and become greater masters of the message of digital advertising. This is merely a starting point.

“Not everyone exposed to the ad will notice the ad or do ‘something’ with it. Some people will not notice it at all, some will make a mental note for later, some will do something there and then… Basic psychology is that the more senses or emotions involved, the deeper that drills down so that somewhere down the line it will cause a continual reminder.” Dean Donaldson, Eyeblaster.

Can be downloaded from: The IAB online marketing guide (4MB)