The Future of Privacy: An American point of view

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The Future of Privacy: An American point of view

American Scientific Magazine September 2008As I land back in the US, there is a great read on newsstands across the nation at the mo discussing the future of privacy. The latest copy of “Scientific American Magazine” is dedicated to such topics as:

It is great to see these topics coming to the light across the pond. I love the US for their sheer open passion. It would seem where as the US talks, the UK does – with the viewpoint of easier to ask for forgiveness later, should anyone seem to mind. As an Englishman I am continually aware that UK is one of the key-test beds for a lot of this technology, relying on the sleepiness of the nation to at best moan down the pub should they even realise, whilst politicians and technologists can press on with their Orwellian goals without any seemingly open discussion or fear of backlash…

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