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The Buzz on video marketing

IAB Video Marketing Handbook“We know online video is popular amongst consumers – it is now a rarity to visit a site without some form of video and it has become common for users to regularly update their blogs with video content, but what is less widely known are its unique benefits to advertisers. The video marketing handbook (available to download below) hopes to inspire agencies and advertisers alike to consider video as part of their marketing plans.*

“Video advertising on the internet isn’t new, but the volumes and the variety of different formats available is increasing considerably. Many websites already carry video advertising which is usually in the form of pre-rolls or other forms of moving image using, for example, Flash technology. However, within the next few years one of the major differences will be an increasing amount of video advertising presented in and around other video content. This could be programming from existing broadcasters, made for broadband, branded content and even user-generated content (UGC).

“By no means is online video the only answer, but as part of a wider campaign it can deliver amazing results. Once you have read this guide we hope that you will be armed with the tools to make more informed decisions and the vocabulary to talk with the specialists who have contributed to the document.”

The IAB video marketing handbook (PDF – 5128k)

*As appears on the IAB UK website

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I am a Digital Transformation Strategist and focussed on global evangelism; helping position clients at the forefront of emerging media and the next generation of consumer engagement. I'm passionate about how storytelling and creative technology can be used to deliver focussed messages – irrespective of the consumer viewing device – and then drive favourable outcomes for brands, whilst addressing concerns over user profiling.

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  1. Michelle1976 July 14, 2009 at 01:04

    I use video on a regular basis on my blogs, salespages, and as a traffic generator. Video is becoming a norm and is expected by visitors. Sites like Adwido make it easy for businesses to submit commercial videos for exposure. Video is here to stay.

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