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Future-Proofing the Rising Powerhouse

In a world of ever-expanding change and growth, Pakistan sits in a prime position to rise by leveraging a talented workforce and a relatively clean slate from which to build. The opportunities in the market are great, but where do you begin? When 50% of today’s jobs will have been automated, what tips the scale for investment in an emerging industrial powerhouse? By 2030, the world may be explosively different, but there’s already fissures revealing how AI, Blockchain and Genetics are about to radically transform everything. Luckily, humanity will be deeply rooted at the core. To be viable beyond the next decade, a radical rethink in innovation, productivity and efficiency will be required. Presented in an engaging format that challenges perceptions and beliefs, Jonathan and Dean turn different lenses to today’s bleeding-edge developments in technology, business and society to reveal true implications for Industry, unearth possibilities for tomorrow and share tools for success at scale.

Leaders in Islamabad: Innovating the Future

The LEADERS IN ISLAMABAD Business Summit is providing an extravagant atmosphere, a dynamic mix of individuals, a gathering of vibrant strategists and business thinkers, futurists, innovators, ministers, and a show of some of the most pulsating corporates and distinguished academicians. The summit allows leading business figures from around the world to present their ideas and effective business strategies in a discussion to address leadership and business concerns crucial to today’s world decision makers.

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