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Mobile Advertising – a Users Choice

One of the things I have discussed before is that the future of advertising will be in permission-based relationships between an advertiser and their prospective client, i.e. you and me, and not an Orwellian dictatorial approach of assumption by back-handed tracking techniques. A user will discern at a point of engagement whether to pay for content (individually [...]

For Sale: Tin-foil hats

Working in advertising technology, I am often asked about the huge investments this year between Google, Microsoft and AOL - which amount to about $10Bn between them. My answer is in 'convergence', the cross-play between media channels and the ability to track user behaviour for advertising relevance. Web 3.0 is knocking on the door and [...]

Losing your right to a Second Life

As we race towards the semantic web 3.0 of automation, covergence and 3D virtual reality, it was interesting today to see two completely seperate stories which illustrate both sides of the conflict to which I feel like a referee. On one side we have the cry freedom and ease of use: IBM, 'Second Life' open borders [...]

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