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Facebook to offer 'Snoop-and-Serve' advertising

At the end of June, Facebook seemed to be pushing the boundaries, and my patience, by offering user profiling to advertisers. Now, in what looks like an Orwellian move by Facebook, it has decided that everything you type into your pages should become fully scrutinised and used for advertising purposes. Facebook plans to offer targeted advertising Facebook Gets Personal With Ad Targeting [...]

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Shock, horror! Social site adds video to user feed

In an interesting move by Sony Pictures, it plans to push the boundaries within social networking by inserting a video-based advert within the 'newsfeed' on Facebook.  Video advertising streamed into Facebook newsfeeds Facebook also plans to target against user's interests on their profile pages, in this case 'movies' and 'horror'. This sounds like the beginnings of 'user profiling' [...]

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