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Facebook Beacon – masquerading as an angel of light

So Facebook have finally had to back-track on their plans for their social advertising after more than 50,000 users demanded to be heard. Protests force Facebook to change Facebook had launched Beacon to the advertising community, with over 40 companies including eBay and Blockbuster joined up. Every time you bought something on their sites, Facebook [...]

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Facebook's plans to sell my garbage

Facebook are back hard-hitting the headlines of the industry press with rumours of anticipated advertising offering. Though currently generating a measly $125 million a year in advertising revenue, plans based around user-profiled advertising are beginning to emerge that fuel speculation as to the company being worth somewhere in the region of $15 billion (as shown by Microsoft recently buying a 1.6% [...]

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Just because we can, doesn't mean we should

An IBM Fellow and chief scientist, Grady Booch, has opened up the debate on the questions of ethics and morality in regards to how governments may later utilise software innovations. Debating the morality behind software development No doubt he will be branded a 'conspiracy theorist' for daring to question the implications of all that is happening [...]

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