CCTV cameras to be in all UK homes by 2015

The UK government has backed controversial plans to enforce CCTV cameras in all UK homes by 2015. With a rising tide of domestic citizens being linked to terrorist plots, recent MI5 research has revealed that most discussions are now happening at cells in people's homes rather than in any public place and have fast-tracked [...]

UK v US: The Great Digital Divide

A question was posted on a discussion board “What is the difference between the British and American approach to digital advertising?” My first thought was, ‘other then the Americans loving the brash diamond-white smiling salesmen-type approach saying “trust me” and the English preferring cynicism, sarcasm and convincing with facts from the “and now the [...]

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‘Mind the Gap, please’ on RFID tracking

This never seemed a more appropriate turn of phrase to what has just been posted. A change in US law over ‘malicious’ RFID tracking has been accompanied by a ‘press release’?! Consciences appeased indeed, however loop-holes are not – and plays right into the hands of the retailers. First of its Kind RFID Law Prohibits [...]

The Last Enemy – Living in the UK

To my shame, I missed this when recently screened on BBC, but a friend alerted me to this timely TV mini-series about surveillance culture, who having listened to tireless ramblings in the past on my foresight on ID card technologies, was suddenly realising ‘tomorrow really is nearer then he thought’. Not being good with [...]

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