Second Screen Advertising – How Brands Will Use Our Phones and Tablets to Reach Us

Think about it - when is the last time you sat still watching a TV show? Chances are, even with your favorite football match or reality series on, you're still fiddling with another screen - be that a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or whatever screen the fingertips land on. This shift in consumer [...]

My Petty Upset (MPU)

With the advent of more and more publishers looking to adopt InStream format’s and investigating Pre-Roll opportunities alongside Mid and Post-Roll, the question of standardisation is beginning to emerge. But beyond the size of the player which is the most obvious question, I want to pose another question equally as pertinent. Is it about time [...]

The evolution of the web?

A newsgroup post from 15 years ago by Tim Berners-Lee entitled "WorldWideWeb -- Executive Summary" heralded the development of the language, protocols and architecture of the Internet. To think 10 years ago I was sitting trying to figure out how to get my 8mb Mac iiCX connected to a 5 hour free trial on CompuServe [...]

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