Privacy Control

Yes, They’re Making Lists. Are you Interested?

This is the official video from Australian band COG and a song called "Are you Interested?" What I find most 'interesting' is the fact that music has always been a way of expression to the masses to rouse a new generation to the poignant aspects of modern culture. When questioning technological progress, we must [...]

The freedoms of the British people are in real danger

So no sooner do I write the previous post saying we need some check-points in this fast-paced evolution into the cyber-world of SkyNet, then I pick up the Evening Standard and read that the UK’s top prosecutor is also concerned at the rising tide of technology usurping the British people by giving away ‘enormous’ levels [...]

The Future of Privacy: An American point of view

As I land back in the US, there is a great read on newsstands across the nation at the mo discussing the future of privacy. The latest copy of “Scientific American Magazine” is dedicated to such topics as: Do Social Networks Bring the End of Privacy? Young people share the most intimate details of [...]

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