Stop RFID before it’s too late

R/GA Creative Director Runs Twitter, RFID Experiment says the article on MediaPost. “Interactive digital agency R/GA's Richard Ting has been experimenting with a cutting-edge technology on Twitter. The platform, dubbed touchatag, allows his 20-month-old daughter to trigger tweets by swiping tags affixed to books and toys near a reader that resembles a bar code scanner.” [...]

‘Mind the Gap, please’ on RFID tracking

This never seemed a more appropriate turn of phrase to what has just been posted. A change in US law over ‘malicious’ RFID tracking has been accompanied by a ‘press release’?! Consciences appeased indeed, however loop-holes are not – and plays right into the hands of the retailers. First of its Kind RFID Law Prohibits [...]

The Last Enemy – Living in the UK

To my shame, I missed this when recently screened on BBC, but a friend alerted me to this timely TV mini-series about surveillance culture, who having listened to tireless ramblings in the past on my foresight on ID card technologies, was suddenly realising ‘tomorrow really is nearer then he thought’. Not being good with [...]

No Verichip Inside – How not to become your own worst enemy

  A smiling Gap employee appears on a giant flat-screen monitor just inside the store, greeting customers as they walk in. "Good afternoon, Mr. Yakamoto," she says, loudly and cheerily. "How did you like that three-pack of tank tops you bought last time you were in?" A science-fiction film it maybe, but that scene [...]

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