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Second Screen Advertising – How Brands Will Use Our Phones and Tablets to Reach Us

Think about it - when is the last time you sat still watching a TV show? Chances are, even with your favorite football match or reality series on, you're still fiddling with another screen - be that a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or whatever screen the fingertips land on. This shift in consumer [...]

How TV will change the game for digital marketers

TV is about to go through the biggest radical rethink in decades as it becomes connected to the internet. And who is going to help manage this process of change? You, the digital marketer. When you work in digital marketing, mentioning TV in the same breath probably conjures up pictures of Don Draper fraternizing [...]

Why Internet advertising will not fail

So seems as the near 600 comments in response to Eric Clemons, Why Advertising Is Failing On The Internet on TechCrunch this week is striking a few chords with some and ruffling a few feathers with others. I find both hardly suprising, yet it just amazes me how anyone is giving this article any [...]

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