Why hasn’t mobile advertising taken off?

Lack of transparency of operators? Multiplicity of operating systems? Speed of connection? Expensive online bundles? Lack of interest of WAP from users? Cumbersome interfaces for navigation? Different adoption of technology in markets?   Am sure list is endless... Internet activity on mobiles in West has only really been thrust into reality by Blackberry's email [...]

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Mobile Advertising – a Users Choice

One of the things I have discussed before is that the future of advertising will be in permission-based relationships between an advertiser and their prospective client, i.e. you and me, and not an Orwellian dictatorial approach of assumption by back-handed tracking techniques. A user will discern at a point of engagement whether to pay for content (individually [...]

Microsoft’s IDea to track a moving target

Microsoft has announced plans for a single sign-on for its Windows Live services and making it possible for users to sign up for an ID from a mobile device. The Windows Live ID concept is to allow users to unify multiple sign-ons through a single ID and password that will link all the various [...]

The evolution of the web?

A newsgroup post from 15 years ago by Tim Berners-Lee entitled "WorldWideWeb -- Executive Summary" heralded the development of the language, protocols and architecture of the Internet. To think 10 years ago I was sitting trying to figure out how to get my 8mb Mac iiCX connected to a 5 hour free trial on CompuServe [...]

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