Just because they click, doesn’t mean it sticks

It’s an exciting time for Eyeblaster.As digital starts to permeate every media channel out there, the blurs of online have never been seen more clearly as in the case of mobile. It is redefining our concept of the web and communication.Consider the digital landscape. From humble garage roots over a relatively short time span, Google, [...]

Are you connected?

Convergence is to me the heart of the semantic web 3.0. It is where we move beyond social media into a personal digital space that permeates our social environment – whether global or local. It is about creating time, philosophies, and ideals and developing conversations around things that matter the most to individuals, and in [...]

Google sees ad sense

From garage start-up to global brand, the now monolith of Internet dominance has come under incredible scrutiny over recent times, and none more so then since acquiring leading ad serving company Doubleclick last year for $3.1Bn. The tactical move was to seek to control the lion’s share of online display as well as search advertising [...]

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A ‘Silver-Light’ at the end of the tunnel?

Or is it just an oncoming train of confusion as the rich content wars loom ever closer in the realms of the ‘personal web’? Nokia and Microsoft have signed a deal to ensure SilverLight, Microsoft’s touted Flash-killer app. Microsoft targets the mobile web Microsoft’s Silverlight Coming on Nokia Smartphones Reminds me of a similar struggle [...]

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