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Thinking through Location-based Advertising

So I am in the middle of doing this Master’s degree on Creative Media Practice and about to explore the future of media technology. It’s time to start my final thesis and am looking ahead. I want to look into the future of digital advertising where we will see the commercialisation of content across [...]

A ‘Silver-Light’ at the end of the tunnel?

Or is it just an oncoming train of confusion as the rich content wars loom ever closer in the realms of the ‘personal web’? Nokia and Microsoft have signed a deal to ensure SilverLight, Microsoft’s touted Flash-killer app. Microsoft targets the mobile web Microsoft’s Silverlight Coming on Nokia Smartphones Reminds me of a similar struggle [...]

Targeted ads coming to an IPTV set near you

As if the Internet TV space is not crowded enough with Joost and Babelgum, Hewlett-Packard has decided to jump on the band wagon and join forces with Dave Networks (a white label IPTV provider) to ship a P2P-based Internet TV service system with their notebooks - to be known as Next.TV. Its being launched as a Vista-based software update that [...]

Joost has gone into public domain

Having been following this WebTV technology since the days of their codenamed "Venice Project", it is interesting to see this WebTV software no longer invite only and finally being relased to the public domain. http://www.joost.com/ Backed by the same guys behind Skype and Kazaa - and employing the majority of sales staff that originally launched Massive - the [...]

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