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UK government wants to usher in Orwellian society

I wrote before about the Nazi state of Britain. I mean, what is wrong with the UK government? Will they not stop until they have everybody chipped, mic-ed and tracked?UK government plans to log every call, text and email“The Home office has issued a consultation paper for a new law that would force phone companies, [...]

Blink and you’ll miss it…

This may raise your blood pressure or cause you to break into a cold sweat – at least that is what Disney is hoping for. They are about to investigate biometric measurements in advertising. "In a controlled living room setting, scientists will measure heart rate and skin conductivity and track the gaze of participants who [...]

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Is Steve Jobs the anti-Christ?

As it comes to light today that Apple is no longer accepting cash for its iPhone, it would seem that we can’t help ourselves rushing headlong into a cashless society. Our modern day society is always finding some excuse to destroy anonymity – as if it daring to have your own thoughts is something to [...]

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