Why DoubleClick, when one will do?

Interesting article on Silicon Insider saying ‘Google Is Wrecking DoubleClick, Says Unhappy Client’. The article suggests that people long in academia, and short in real-world experience are now running the show… and its missing the mark. Greatly. That certainly rings true with the many ex-DoubleClick staff that I have met - not to mention grumbles [...]

Print is up the creek, without an iPad-dle

Forget the Cupertino keynote, if you have missed GQ’s Men of the Year in the Christmas rush, then I recommend everyone download Condé Nast’s new GQ January 2010 app for the iPhone. Why? Because it’s a great example of the future of interactive design. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; [...]

Beyond Banners: Digital effectiveness in 2009

Ironically, I have just seen the latest T-Mobile ad that was filmed in Kings Cross station on my London Underground journey this morning. The ad was playing silently on one of the new Digital display screens on the escalator at Victoria station. I immediately picked up my iPhone, logged into Twitter and sent a [...]

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