Why DoubleClick, when one will do?

Interesting article on Silicon Insider saying ‘Google Is Wrecking DoubleClick, Says Unhappy Client’. The article suggests that people long in academia, and short in real-world experience are now running the show… and its missing the mark. Greatly. That certainly rings true with the many ex-DoubleClick staff that I have met - not to mention grumbles [...]

ClickZ Online Video Advertising Forum – Technical Innovations

The following is both the presentations and panel discussion from the Technical Innovations - Vendor Section at ClickZ Online Video advertising forum that was held in New York last month. Features Robert J. Victor from DoubleClick and myself representing Eyeblaster, over a 30 minute session discussing the issues around online video. Part 1 [...]

Google sees ad sense

From garage start-up to global brand, the now monolith of Internet dominance has come under incredible scrutiny over recent times, and none more so then since acquiring leading ad serving company Doubleclick last year for $3.1Bn. The tactical move was to seek to control the lion’s share of online display as well as search advertising [...]

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Online Advertising History: Flash by name, Cookies by nature

In an answer as to why my blog has been quiet of late, I offer my submission of the first assignment for my Masters in Creative Media Practice which looks at Research, Theory & Creative Change for Online Advertising; identifying key events which led to change, analysing the reasons for change and how they were [...]

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