How TV will change the game for digital marketers

TV is about to go through the biggest radical rethink in decades as it becomes connected to the internet. And who is going to help manage this process of change? You, the digital marketer. When you work in digital marketing, mentioning TV in the same breath probably conjures up pictures of Don Draper fraternizing [...]

Head in the clouds or far from hot ‘AIR’?

There has been a lot of discussion about the role of ‘cloud computing’ and seeing the PC as some kind of dumb-terminals accessing network software or documents – almost reversing to the way mainframes worked in the 70’s, but now on a global scale. It will change the nature of personal computing, to follow you [...]

Communicating cross-channel to a Consumer: Part 3

Over the last two instalments I have looked at how user experiences, emotional and physical, have a bearing on finding the right method of communicating. Behavioural advertising as effective as it can be, will still be limited to the final placement of the advert; the message may be correct in terms of sequence to the [...]

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