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‘Location, location, location!’ should become the cry of digital brand marketers

Just read an article by Jeff Weitzman entitled “Tune up engagement marketing” on Adotas. This has to be one of the most intelligent synopsises of the digital advertising space I have read in a long time. Engagement is better thought of as a cycle, a series of touchpoints designed to create engagement with a [...]

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Digitizing emotional connections to brands

Have just been alerted to an article by Eric Kogelschatz from Boston called “The Convergence of Cognitive Neuroscience and Marketing”. It gives wonderful insights and illustrations on the emotional connections to brands and poises the question of whether marketing is art or science? For me, it is in understanding the mindsets and connection points [...]

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Building brands in a declining economy

There has been a lot of discussion about an apparent economic melt-down and with the holiday season in the focus of the media minds right now, should there be any concern of a negative impact for the digital industry?The answer, you will be glad to hear is a resounding “no!”Traditionally, advertising and marketing budgets have [...]

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