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Yes, They’re Making Lists. Are you Interested?

This is the official video from Australian band COG and a song called "Are you Interested?" What I find most 'interesting' is the fact that music has always been a way of expression to the masses to rouse a new generation to the poignant aspects of modern culture. When questioning technological progress, we must [...]

Thinking through Location-based Advertising

So I am in the middle of doing this Master’s degree on Creative Media Practice and about to explore the future of media technology. It’s time to start my final thesis and am looking ahead. I want to look into the future of digital advertising where we will see the commercialisation of content across [...]

Losing your right to a Second Life

As we race towards the semantic web 3.0 of automation, covergence and 3D virtual reality, it was interesting today to see two completely seperate stories which illustrate both sides of the conflict to which I feel like a referee. On one side we have the cry freedom and ease of use: IBM, 'Second Life' open borders [...]

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