Big Brother

Big brother tracking via mobile phones to be rolled out across London

Londoners today should be in a grip of panic, after the controversial testing between O2, Barclaycard, Transport for London (TFL) and Nokia was given the green light, as reported by the London Evening Standard. Mobile phones to be used as Oyster and credit cards "It is also hoped the system, which could be in [...]

Facebook Beacon – masquerading as an angel of light

So Facebook have finally had to back-track on their plans for their social advertising after more than 50,000 users demanded to be heard. Protests force Facebook to change Facebook had launched Beacon to the advertising community, with over 40 companies including eBay and Blockbuster joined up. Every time you bought something on their sites, Facebook [...]

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Is Steve Jobs the anti-Christ?

As it comes to light today that Apple is no longer accepting cash for its iPhone, it would seem that we can’t help ourselves rushing headlong into a cashless society. Our modern day society is always finding some excuse to destroy anonymity – as if it daring to have your own thoughts is something to [...]

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