Big brother tracking via mobile phones to be rolled out across London

Londoners today should be in a grip of panic, after the controversial testing between O2, Barclaycard, Transport for London (TFL) and Nokia was given the green light, as reported by the London Evening Standard. Mobile phones to be used as Oyster and credit cards "It is also hoped the system, which could be in [...]

UK government wants to usher in Orwellian society

I wrote before about the Nazi state of Britain. I mean, what is wrong with the UK government? Will they not stop until they have everybody chipped, mic-ed and tracked?UK government plans to log every call, text and email“The Home office has issued a consultation paper for a new law that would force phone companies, [...]

‘Mind the Gap, please’ on RFID tracking

This never seemed a more appropriate turn of phrase to what has just been posted. A change in US law over ‘malicious’ RFID tracking has been accompanied by a ‘press release’?! Consciences appeased indeed, however loop-holes are not – and plays right into the hands of the retailers. First of its Kind RFID Law Prohibits [...]

The Last Enemy – Living in the UK

To my shame, I missed this when recently screened on BBC, but a friend alerted me to this timely TV mini-series about surveillance culture, who having listened to tireless ramblings in the past on my foresight on ID card technologies, was suddenly realising ‘tomorrow really is nearer then he thought’. Not being good with [...]

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