Apple ‘bans’ ads in apps

There’s an article on PocketGamer.biz entitled 'Apple to ban geo location adverts on iPhone and iPad' which has caught my eye (thanks Greg for the tip off). The author, Spanner Spencer (is that for real?!) I think has been a little quick off the mark here in his ‘I hate ads’ allegations – either that [...]

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Print is up the creek, without an iPad-dle

Forget the Cupertino keynote, if you have missed GQ’s Men of the Year in the Christmas rush, then I recommend everyone download Condé Nast’s new GQ January 2010 app for the iPhone. Why? Because it’s a great example of the future of interactive design. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; [...]

Apple, Playboy and the future of comics

So no sooner do I start to round up my thoughts on e-Paper then someone alerts me to all sorts of rumors’ becoming rife around a possible Apple eBook/iTablet. I had heard of Apple and Google both “scanning” in books recently, assuming Apple for eBook sales and Google for searching. With an anticipated new iPhone [...]

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