R/GA Creative Director Runs Twitter, RFID Experiment says the article on MediaPost.

“Interactive digital agency R/GA’s Richard Ting has been experimenting with a cutting-edge technology on Twitter. The platform, dubbed touchatag, allows his 20-month-old daughter to trigger tweets by swiping tags affixed to books and toys near a reader that resembles a bar code scanner.”

I fully appreciate Mr. Tings desire to see how far things can be pushed, and am sure he has not thought all the implications through, but I have.

I have long spoken about the only logical future for trackable advertising to deliver the kind of Minority Report adaptive advertising that we are hell-bent on delivering will be through RFID – and I am talking human implantable microchips to every single person on the planet. Advertising is only one reason for implementing such an Orwellian nightmare.

Apart from the known cancerous effects of RFID (antichips.com), making this wholly irresponsible as a parent on a sensitive young child – it is this careless fool hardy approach to experimentation on tracking without any consideration for human rights, privacy implications and any kind of moral code that is more akin to Mengele then those of us in media.

Mr Ting, everything your daughter does is now open to every pervert, freak and pedophile on the net… and where do you think this will ultimately end up?

Tagging every device and every human being is Hitler’s wet dream and reduces life to a mere number with a palatable face disguised as a “sweet tweet”.

One minute we are talking about micro-chipping animals, next minute its HIV patients.

Then we are linking it to advertising like Mini RFID Billboards in the USA or Estée Lauder to drive sales in UK stores or linking it to personal recognition on billboards by Yahoo Japan.

Then we are trying to hide these chips inside your clothes, even preventing them being destroyed by temperature and acid spills, then we are trying to hide these inside your body via manufactured pharmaceuticals.

Ensuring people “wave-and-pay” as they travel and purchase; from London Underground to Toll Roads, from Wal-Mart to Tesco – which is all widely known to be fallible.

Then the same company developing human implementation of RFID is discussing the benefits of preventing babies being abducted, sweetly labeling it “hugs”… and now it’s ‘tweets‘.

The first thing you do is you identify individuals by a distinguishing mark. Then you adapt their environment to suit your aims.

Let me say this loud and clear, as I have done beforethis technology will be the death of humanity – and I for one will not be part of this suicide.

“Just remember the peg number where you hang your coat up, when you enter the shower.”