Stockwell Tube Righteous Kill Advert

If ever there was as a case for behavioural targeting across digital outdoor, here is one. Seems as though the biggest media faux pas this year is around the latest De Niro/Pacino film “Righteous Kill”. With the strap line “there’s nothing wrong with a little shooting, as long as the right people get shot” one would think that Stockwell Underground Station would not have been the most apt place to have placed this advert.

At 10am on 22nd July 2005, following the events of the London Tube bombing the day before, the Met Police mistakenly shot dead a man on the platform of this very station, which they had assumed had been involved with the bombings.

Obviously a hugely sensitive issue for Londoners who many are still nervous of travelling on London Underground following the bombings, one would have assumed the media agency involved in such gross targeting of adverts in Stockwell, would have had the sense to predict it is not exactly going to be the most welcome addition to commuters journeys…