Welcome to my research for my Masters Degree on Creative Media.

It is divided into three areas:

  1. Retrospection – a look into the history of Digital Display Advertising.
  2. Current Practice – a look into new Dwell metrics required to satisfy Digital Display Advertising.
  3. Future Developments – a look into the future of Digital Display Advertising using NFC & RFID.

I also provide overview information of the Masters Degree.

Yes, They’re Making Lists. Are you Interested?

This is the official video from Australian band COG and a song called "Are you Interested?" What I find most 'interesting' is the fact that music has always been a way of expression to [...]

Thinking through Location-based Advertising

So I am in the middle of doing this Master’s degree on Creative Media Practice and about to explore the future of media technology. It’s time to start my final thesis and am looking [...]

Online Display: The demise of Click, the rise of Dwell

"Online Display: The demise of Click, the rise of Dwell" is a study into measuring the intrinsic value of online display media and investigation to the nature of advertising and consumer engagement in general. The document is based around a calculated argument for shifting away from historic response-based metrics into a more natural measurement of consumer stimulation.

BadMen – mature thinking needed in Digital Advertising

The last 24 hours I have been presenting some new global data findings to various members of the industry press; namely do people “see” and “like” ads online – and is there a way of [...]

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