Welcome to my research for my Masters Degree on Creative Media.

It is divided into three areas:

  1. Retrospection – a look into the history of Digital Display Advertising.
  2. Current Practice – a look into new Dwell metrics required to satisfy Digital Display Advertising.
  3. Future Developments – a look into the future of Digital Display Advertising using NFC & RFID.

I also provide overview information of the Masters Degree.

Addressable advertising: An inquiry into targeting individuals using RFID

Addressable advertising is the holy grail for marketers. Technology will bring both a total transparency into consumer life-cyles, as well as be able to ascertain predictive purchase habits, in order to deliver targeted messages to any screen, anywhere.

New behavioural icon for advertising

This little “i” surrounded by a circle on a blue background, is the advertising industry’s answer to privacy concerns. It could be summed up as ‘interest’ based ads.As behavioural targeting gains prominence with advertisers [...]

Addressable Advertising: Online Defence

Could you sum up the issue you're providing a solution for in your project? The problem at hand is two-fold. Advertising needs to become more efficient and can do so afforded by technology. Huge [...]

Ubiquitous Computing – the message of hope?

Computing may not be omnipresent or omniscient but it is certainly widespread and pervasive. The expectation of being able to travel anywhere and pay for things by credit card or at least find an [...]

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