Addressable advertising

In a ubiquitous world

As we enter the third wave of computing known a UbiComp, technology will shrink in size, increase in power and ultimately disappear into the background of our every day lives. A whole new infrastructure will see using miniature remotely powered wireless computers interfaced with sensors as opposed to keyboards. As RFID gets set to link every product on the planet to the Net through near field communication and GPS, it will allow the collation of unparalleled levels of data of consumer habits both in and out of the home. Always connected and always aware, privacy could become a thing of the past. What does this mean for the future of contextual and location-based advertising; where are we at and what can we expect? Will this finally bring the utopia that is being sought by marketers to answer conclusively which 50% of their media dollars are being wasted – and if so at what price to humanity? The writing is on the wall…

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