2020 Tele-vision

Evolution or Revolution?

Fragmented. Expensive. Inflexible. Disingenuous. Obese. That’s reality TV for the new millennial viewer. The simple pleasure of TV viewing has been hijacked – and we are all being held hostage. TV’s evolved into paying huge amounts for bargain basement content, hidden behind ridiculous firewalled interfaces, with the caveat you can watch it on a mobile – it’s totally and utterly unsustainable. Technology was supposed to make our lives simple! Maybe it will, but first we need a revolution. And it need to start now…

“A call to arms to create clarity and choice for the 21st Century TV consumer.”

  1. Smart TV is anything but. How do we think smarter about TV?
  2. Are there any new technologies that are about to excite TV viewers?
  3. What should we expect future TV viewing to look like?

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