The image of people sitting on a remote mountain-top wearing tin foil hats is usually assosciated with the paranoid fringe members of our society, but an article today on the ability to subconciously alter our minds, makes me wonder if I have stumpled across a new business plan to make and distribute such headgear?

The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract

Sitting on a dentists chair in a little remote room wearing a contraption on your head full of wires is something left for the minds of science fiction, or so I thought. But here we are discussing opportunities to alter minds for medical or military research.

“Most of the lab’s research is focused on what it calls ‘psychocorrection’ – the use of subliminal messages to bend a subject’s will, and even modify a person’s personality without their knowledge.”

The suggestion of triggering a new arms race for ‘Non lethal’ weapons between the Russia and the US, it is currently being used on ‘willing'(!) subjects on a college campus in Russia; alcoholics, drug addicts and the like… I can just hear the call “paedophiles step right this way please”, with the promise of mass results in a way Paul McKenna would be proud of.

Time will tell how the advertising community seeks to embrace such methods…