I want to show two different angles of the near future. This is something that is beyond a vision of the next ten years, it is the very system being implemented.

Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019
The first is a very fine vision of a connnected world with some of the most tastiest technological concepts that are just waiting in the wings of deployment. Think how far we have come in the last ten years, is it really so wild to envision this in another ten?

CNBC’s Big Brother, Big Business
Its a fascinating and exciting world for sure, and it sure is being painted very rosey. Yet equally I feel those of us in the know have a responsibility to give the full facts and to embrace such ethical questions for the good of humanity, and not just for commerce sake. So consider this second video I want to share looking at some of the ethical implications in bringing in this technology.

For the record, Scott Silverman actually made me laugh out loud in this interview when he says “RFID chips are not linked to GPS.” Maybe the chips aren’t but the readers are! It’s like saying the chip doesn’t house your medical records or your ATM card doesn’t contain any cash… correct, it’s just a linking device. Of course the system has location-based tracking, its the whole point. The first video could not be acheived without it…

As someone said to me this week, it is not inconceivable to think that Google has more data and knoweldge of global citizens then the US and EU governments combined – and if not now, then VERY soon. So when I hear of them taking their servers “off-shore“, it does make me wonder if the pretty-face of water turbines is really more important to them then being outside of ‘regulations’.

More on RFID; NothingToHide.Us