In an answer as to why my blog has been quiet of late, I offer my submission of the first assignment for my Masters in Creative Media Practice which looks at Research, Theory & Creative Change for Online Advertising; identifying key events which led to change, analysing the reasons for change and how they were instigated and the impact of these incidents on practices and processes.

Online Advertising History: Flash by name, Cookies by nature” is a critical exploration into the history and evidence for the development of online advertising and the rise of commercial justification of the access to and distribution of content, as well as the considerations of effects on advertising and business in general including the raising of ethical concerns.

Online Advertising History (514k .zip file)

  • Word PDF: An essay looking at the key movements and players within the history of Online Advertising
  • Excel: A look at the key players in Online advertising, presented in a cross-referenced timeline
  • PowerPoint: An interactive timeline charting the growth of Eyeblaster Rich Media Advertising

Dean Donaldson January, 2008.