Ode to Online Sarcasm

A digital evangelist friend of mine, just alerted me to an article that popped into his inbox this morning and knew I would appreciate it: The Most Sarcastic Column You Will Ever Read. Hey, it’s pure classic. One of the best articles online I have read recently and I sheer loved it… and agreed with it!

How about this for an opening paragraph:

“I want to take a moment to write about a topic that gets little to no coverage anymore… I want to write about non-rich media. I want to write a column this week that tells you all how great a campaign can be when you run old-fashioned, three-frame GIF ads and you measure them based on click-through…”

Not one to mince my words, of course I had to respond.

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I am a Digital Transformation Strategist and focussed on global evangelism; helping position clients at the forefront of emerging media and the next generation of consumer engagement. I'm passionate about how storytelling and creative technology can be used to deliver focussed messages – irrespective of the consumer viewing device – and then drive favourable outcomes for brands, whilst addressing concerns over user profiling.

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