Eyeblaster time for change branding It’s an exciting time for Eyeblaster.

As digital starts to permeate every media channel out there, the blurs of online have never been seen more clearly as in the case of mobile. It is redefining our concept of the web and communication.

Consider the digital landscape. From humble garage roots over a relatively short time span, Google, Apple and Microsoft have come to be household names all fighting for media dominance – at the very least a huge piece of the global media pie across all channels. Yet the irony is that with all its clever marketing and design, Apple’s iPhone could not be taken seriously until it had GPS integration with Google maps and was hooked up to Microsoft Exchange!

Entrance to OMMA NYC 2008 There is indeed a platform war going on out there, and Eyeblaster is ingrained in this conversation. That is why Eyeblaster is proud to be the premium sponsor of OMMA Global Conference 2008 “Platform Wars”. As we find ourselves in the midst of change from a rich media provider to delivering global cross-channel consumer experiences across all digital media; from inBanner to inStream and inGame, from display to search to mobile to IPTV and beyond.

Eyeblaster sponsors the OMMA Sessions This week’s Eyeblaster sessions in the US have been entitled “Courting the Consumer: Spending quality time with your audience” where I was discussing brand measurement. The industry has to move from impressions to audience targeting, and find new metrics for online brand activity – it is in a pubescent time as it begins to mature. Branding takes time: From creating initial impact as a result of exposure, to an increased time spent with a brand, to a deeper emotional connection as a result of interaction, to the resulting investigation via search or conversational ‘buzz’ within social media.

A click therefore is a tiny aspect, and often a skewed, measurability for today’s digital world – and has no real relevance to brand managers seeking to measure emotional connections; impact simply cannot always be measured immediately. Comparing post-impression to post-click activity this is certainly proving the case as anywhere between 5-10x more conversions happen as result of seeing as opposed to clicking on ads. The click also has no relevance for digital media in terms of TV and out-of-home as they begin to receive digital connections. It is about exposure, not just interaction.

Dean Donaldson speaking at OMMA There is hope however, measuring the Dwell time, the number of seconds spent engaging with a brand, offers a consistent point of measurement for diverse creative executions. It shows the shift of a user in wanting to explore a brand in situation. With the average Dwell time being a minute across all rich media creatives – that is 30 seconds longer than the average TV ad – and at a user’s request. It offers a huge confidence for anyone considering digital brand building.

In terms of the after effects, perhaps this can be seen in terms of measuring actual user journeys. Seeing a consumer’s path to conversion; viewing the movement beyond ‘seeing’ something via display advertising, to ‘inquiring’ about further information via a search engine – and ultimately how the resulting targeting could allow further display creative’s to be even more relevant to the consumer purchase funnel.

This is something at the heart of Eyeblaster’s channel connect strategies, breaking down silos between search and display or mass-media and online. We are beginning to help agencies join the dots.

Eyeblaster stand at OMMA NYC 2008 From iMedia Brand Summit in San Diego to OMMA Global Conference in New York this week, the questions and discussions from advertisers and agencies alike certainly seem to agree – how do we build and measure emotional impact with our audiences in a fast-paced digital world…

It really is a time for change.