For anyone who has ever moaned about their home connection speeds – generally it is in relation to downloading some dodgy film which having spend the night downloading, only to spending the next evening realisng what a lot of crap it really is.

Well for all you film buffs out there, help is at hand. Obviously some bright spark had an idea whilst sitting on their throne (aren’t all the best ideas) and decided it was about time to flush broadband down the pan. What was it I wonder that inspired them – were they thinking of Andrex’s tag line ‘soft, strong and very, very long’ and thought ‘ah yes, let’s put miles and miles of fibre down there’.

UK homes to get super-fast fibre

Having a tendency to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist (yes I have a view on Diana!), when they say in every science fiction film we would be living in the sewers, I did not realise quite how close (to home) it would be, in fairness. But for those of you who like a cleaner approach, take a look at this.

UK IBM Network Prototype Promises 1-Second Movie Downloads

Some people never learn. Whilst the film industry has been dragging its heels arguments over BluRay and HD-DVD, they are replicating the music industry’s’ quibble over ‘Super Audio CD versus MiniDisc’. Who won in the end? Neither. Apple enabled the MP3 format and download music and wiped the floor over a pointless debate. Now film will fall to the same fate.

The times they are a-changing – and fast – after all, it’s not the 1980’s anymore. Did anyone ever really think there would ever be any other outcome?