Hunting season starts as Facebook opens its floodgates

///Hunting season starts as Facebook opens its floodgates

Hunting season starts as Facebook opens its floodgates

Facebook LogoFacebook in their continual desire to develop a utopian world for the rest of us has decided to propagate basic user profiles to the rest of the web world.

Facebook intends to make a ‘limited public listing service available to people who are not logged in to Facebook‘ according to their blog, which means non-members will be able to search for friends on their home page. The next phase will allow the information to be accessible via search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live.

Facebook hands over profiles to search engines

This is being done by default. If you don’t like it you have to ‘opt out’.

There is a huge assumption that this would be the natural user’s wish that highlights once more the founder’s wishes to keep pushing the public further and further then what would be deemed acceptable in other forms of information propagation.

This approach is well documented, as if it were always part of an initial plan. One such animation, if you have not seen, then you really should is:

Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?

Pushing the dissection even further is an article that looks at just who and what is behind the $13 million capital funding.

Big Brothers, Big Facebook: Your Orwellian Community

Questionable motives of indeed. How brave do you now feel in this new world?

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