Time square is one crazy place, and if ever there was a place to get your name up in lights, well Broadway in New York would definitely be high up on your agenda.

Dean on a digital screen in the heart of Time Square, New York

Upon my last visit to New York I was bouncing some ideas around with a colleague about connecting digital outdoor with other devices to have a seamless message across multi-channels. You know how it goes, a couple of glasses of wine, and the ideas start flowing… well either after a drink in the evening or in the first thing in the shower…

I'm a PC guys in Time Square, NYC So upon leaving a conference off Broadway the next day, and going to pick up my bags to head back to the airport, I was stopped in the street by a couple of young gentlemen who asked if I would like my picture on a digital display board up in Time Square, pointing across the street to a huge cylindrical board (seen in photo behind them). Now I am not exactly known for my shyness, and figuring this could be my parting gift to New York, I said “sure, why not?”

Wireless device for inputting data to screen The concept is part of the “I’m a PC” advertising campaign for Microsoft revealing the future of connected technology. The guys had a wireless touch screen device connected to the Internet, and first of all asked me to smile for the camera. Once the photo was on screen, up came a simple form asking me for contact details and a comment asking me to finish the sentence “I’m a PC and…” to which I responded “I am living in a digital world without walls”.

Email confirming placement in Time Square, NYC The guys thanked me, asked me to sign off permission on screen and said an email would follow suit within a few days confirming if my photo was going live. Well I have just had the email, and seems it now is.

Brad Pitt, eat your heart out… I now have my photo plastered on a giant screen rotating in the heart of New York City. (Well, along with hundreds of others, no doubt!) Anyone else I know out there up with me too?

Welcome to our digital future people. Connected digital advertising where you too can be the star of the show! Get along and join the party people. It’s a whole lot more fun than pop-ups and banner ads…

You can see the live feed of Time Square New York here.

Oh, and feel free to call my agent for bookings… ;-)