Honda Sat NavHeres an interesting thought, have just been reading about some new GPS sat-nav systems for cars launched in Tokyo. Not only are they on a hard-drive as opposed to a disc, but can be connected via phone (assume this could become wi-fi or WiMax before too long).

Honda and VW show new navigation

Their idea is for real-time updates of maps and locations.

My idea is for real-time adverts inserted within the map system, something I projected in an earlier blog.

Now before you bark-off at me, consider the fact that cars have got to be one of the most prominent places for listening to commercial radio ads. As my colleague and I just jested, “turn left at next corner, and you will find a McDonalds which is currently offering discounts on Happy Meals for all drive thrus.”

Obviously geo-targeting or location based advertising is one thing – but linking it to a mobile phone, where you could post a text to the car would be another. Consider how your child could text your car, and then your GPS could lead you to them, in the same way as Taxi’s currently work in connection with their control centres.

You could even target cars with advertising, whereby ads could appear randomly like “World of Leather have a great sale on right now – and within 1 mile of where you are – click here to be taken there”. Beyond radio to full audio-visual streams, with interactivity, the options are endless…

Knowing you have recently been into a ‘World of Leather’ store and then re-targeting you with an ad later on is the basis of most behavioural targeting techniques: delivering it to any device is something being worked on, personalising it to the driver is something else…