So here I am writing a thesis on targeting, I log on to Facebook and get this content targeted message on my homepage “Your Friend X: You haven’t talked on Facebook lately” showing me a picture of an old school friend that I very occasionally speak to… bearing in mind we haven’t spoken much in 20 years.

By lately it means within the last 72 hours – forget the fact I may have actually called them, emailed them or any other form of communication. Forget the fact that i may only speak to them every few days or weeks/months. Facebook going yet again where they are most unwelcome. What kind of muppets do they employ over there? Don’t they do any consumer research? Clearly not, as I am not the only one upset by this.

So this latest fubar – and yes I do mean it in the urban dictionary definition is just an outrage to personal privacy.

What has it got to do with them anyway?

One poor guy is fuming and rightly so, after the person in question it recommended to was deceased!

As the author says “Now, I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to be reminded that I haven’t “talked” lately to a family friend that is dead.”

Facebook must change its policy, and fast.