Micorosft Advertising Logo Well as of last night, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions became the all new streamlined “Microsoft Advertising”. With Steve Ballmer predicting that advertising will be 25% of all Microsoft’s revenue before too long, it is no wonder they wish to be champions of the converging world. Focusing on the emergence of a mobile revolution bringing a more continuous and personal web in your hands, and certainly a more dynamic content experience in your living room through IPTV, this blur between /offline is well and truly growing. The whole world is becoming digitally enabled. I guess it’s a bold move for a brand who wants you to “think advertising (in all its forms) – think Microsoft”.

We pushed to lose “New media” as time unfolded once before. I for one no longer think on and offline distinction is so relevant either – shall we go the whole hog and ditch the word “digital”?!

Microsoft certainly think so.