Have just been alerted to an article by Eric Kogelschatz from Boston called “The Convergence of Cognitive Neuroscience and Marketing”. It gives wonderful insights and illustrations on the emotional connections to brands and poises the question of whether marketing is art or science?

For me, it is in understanding the mindsets and connection points and seeing them as numbered pegs which we consumers can quickly recall and go back to, very much like making a firm footing on rungs as they climb a ladder. Understanding this and overlapping it against a consumer life-cycle is in essence the drive behind behavioural sequencing messaging, learning where a consumer is at any one moment then aiding them on their quest of discovery in order to bring about a favourable outcome on behalf of the advertiser. The invasion of privacy is this concept is indeed an alarming point as we all begin to feel we are being manipulated, yet on the reverse side, I have favourite brand shops I always visit on the high street or online.

The point of sequencing should not be focussed on the invasive, but helping me as a consumer to consumer with the things I want and/or need more quickly. It is about enhancing the experience on behalf of Joe Public, in as much the same way as people sign up to receive discounts from preferred brands or become interested in something as a result of a friends recommendation. Therefore this cannot be based upon assumption, but upon consumer adoption. Choice must always be at the heart and technology must continually strive to find its own check points before we completely dehumanise people, and all that it means to be ‘human’ and reduce them to mere numbers and predicative robots – or worse see them as nothing more then an evolved animal purely responding to instinctive triggers.

Quite how we will ever start to see technology at the same way as a friend recommending me something is anyone’s guess, but if you had told me my mother would be emailing me, or that I would be communicating with friends and arranging my social life via SMS or Facebook, let alone tried online dating – well I would not have considered them as feasible options then either…