It really is great to hear your heart-felt confessions on your misappropriation of the use of advertising towards your 50M users worldwide on your Facebook site. In essence any assumption on behalf of advertisers in this day and age of prevalent consumer criticism will see the destruction of brands quicker than marketers can build them. You need to learn a gentler art of advertising persuasion using technology and creativity to enable relevant conversations between brands and interested parties to take place, ethically considered and carefully appropriated.

Facebook founder apology over ads

You have indeed created an amazing system that develops conversation between people, may you come to an understanding of how to correctly harness this for commercial reasons and listen to those around who have already been through the pain and discussed it at length

[1, 2]. Butting into a conversation between friends in a pub is not appreciated, especially when done so by a sales man. Learn from real life. Ask and it may well be given to you, butt-in and expect a bog-off or something a lot worse…

Would be very happy to show you how to utilise advertising effectiveness sometime and will only expect a small fraction of the money you have received from Microsoft for my consultancy as a reward.

All the best, Dean