Hulu Logo - Watch TV and Movies for free Have YOU heard of Hulu? Watch your favourites TV programmes and movies, anytime, for free.

I hadn’t, shamefully, but just heard Jason Kilar CEO of Hulu speak with a quiet passion at OMMA.
According to PC World magazine, the number 1 product of 2008 (we won’t mention the iPhone coming in at number 2, as this is PC world after all!)

These guys are obsessed with quality to anal proportions: street-sweeping the internet of shabby video content. Good luck to them!

It’s is exactly this kind of design detail that is going to do wonders in ensuring content creators and advertisers alike can embrace online video for what it should be: Merely a transmission of entertainment content over IP as opposed to Broadcast – the experience from a user perspective should be a seamless transition to the world of digital, with added benefits of a an enhanced experience.

So what is key here over other similar concepts? Users get free content reaching back into an archive over 20 years all in amazing quality – for absolutely no cost! The trade off is they must watch ads that they cannot skip.

Seems a small price to pay, a few seconds of time, for high-quality free entertainment.