Location, location, location! Why ads in Apps are a promising future for brand advertisers

A few weeks ago, while waiting for my next flight at the Copenhagen airport, I started giggling insanely by myself as I was staring at an app on my iPhone. When I looked up from my screen, I noticed some curious faces staring back at me. “Facebook!” I explained and the friendly smiles in return [...]

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Driving Conversions

Whilst we accept that few people click through to a main site, we also have to accept that precious few ever arrive at the site at all, let alone convert there. This limits data.My argument always follows the though process of "where" was the last time I purchased something, and "what" was my process in [...]

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Why DoubleClick, when one will do?

Interesting article on Silicon Insider saying ‘Google Is Wrecking DoubleClick, Says Unhappy Client’. The article suggests that people long in academia, and short in real-world experience are now running the show… and its missing the mark. Greatly. That certainly rings true with the many ex-DoubleClick staff that I have met - not to mention grumbles [...]

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